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Women in Computer Science Scholarship

Offering merit-based scholarships, each worth €5000, to the best computer science students in the EU, the UK, Switzerland or the non-EU Balkan countries

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Women must not be left behind

Every year women make up a disproportionately small percentage of computer science graduates.

Recognizing the low representation of women in the field, The Bending Spoons scholarship for women in computer science focuses on fostering outstanding talent and creating further opportunities for excellence. The scholarship will cover one year of university studies, providing financial support to those who demonstrate exceptional merit and a commitment to advancing in the field of computer science. By promoting the joy and value of studying computer science, and the opportunities that follow from doing so, Bending Spoons wants to encourage more women to pursue this fulfilling and rewarding path. Ultimately, society stands to benefit from the greater representation of women in computer science.

20 x € 5,000

Bending Spoons is awarding a scholarship worth €5000 to the 20 best students who identify as women and are majoring in computer science, software engineering, or an aligned discipline.

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How can I apply for this scholarship?

Here’s what you need to apply:

  • Identity card or passport
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Motivation letter explaining why you deserve this scholarship
  • Academic transcripts


Apply online and provide the necessary documents.

Those interested in applying for a scholarship are invited to do so on this site, providing the necessary documentation.


Complete online assessments + interview

Bending Spoons will review the material and then invite you to complete a few online tasks, followed by an interview.


Hear back in July

Bending Spoons will inform the scholarship recipients of their success via email in July 2024.

Who can apply?

Any applicant meeting the following criteria is welcome to apply:

  • Identifies as a woman
  • Is aged 18 or older
  • Is pursuing either a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in the year 2024/2025 at any university in the EU, the UK, Switzerland or the non-EU Balkan countries
  • Is studying computer science, computer engineering, software engineering, artificial intelligence, informatics, or an aligned study program

Bending Spoons reserves the right to ask applicants for documentation confirming that they meet the criteria, or for more substantial proof of economic need later on in the process if necessary.

What is Bending Spoons?

Based in Milan, Italy, Bending Spoons is one of the leading tech companies in Europe.

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Its wide portfolio of category-leading products—including Splice, Remini, and Evernote—has over half a billion users worldwide, and its award-winning culture and international team have made Bending Spoons a top-ranked workplace in Europe.

Bending Spoons is sponsoring this scholarship initiative to encourage the greater participation and representation of women in computer science.

For more information on Bending Spoons,
check out the website and what Spooners say about working there.


How are the scholarship recipients determined?

Who can apply for a scholarship?

Can I apply if I already have another scholarship?

How can I apply for a scholarship?

What is Bending Spoons, and why has it created this initiative?

Any other questions?

Here you can find the rules of the scholarship, as well as our privacy policy.
Email for more info.
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